Four lakes in a week!


We've been here in sunny Phuket for just a week and it's been all go on the fishing front. Our first stop has been to take a look at Jez Wilson's Chalong Fishing Park which is just a ten minute drive from the very handy. When we (Mark Butland, Richard Heaseman, Cat, Kannika and me) arrived we were able to watch a young Canadian couple in action, ably assisted by the lake's Thai assistant. A steady run of pacu and catfish came to the light rods providing plenty of hard fighting action from this very recently opened venue. We are aiming to fish there in just two days time....can't wait.

Next we drove about 10km northwards to find a very small fishery near to what is called Heroine's Monument. This is a well established and nicely scenic little lake which is run entirely by Thais and features nice bamboo salas with ample seating inside for four to six people around a bamboo table right on the lake's edge. Our impression was that this would be ideal for a pleasant and relaxing day's fishing with the emphasis on ordering and enjoying a lakeside picnic/dinner whilst at the same time enjoying some none too serious fishing. The tackle for use was in good condition, the grounds were nicely kept, the menu looked varied and colourful and the staff were very will definitely returning there for some fishing.

Then it was on to our one time favourite haunt , Phuket Fishing Park. Unfortunately when we left the lake last March 2016 it was in a shocking state. There was rubbish everywhere, the toilets were a health hazard (seriously) and the fish were in a battered state. Something was badly amiss. The staff were despondent, no-one cared about how awful it all looked...even our offer to clear the place of trash was ignored.

But...our visit a couple of days ago showed that a major clear up had taken place for the new season and a couple of the original Thai gillies had returned plus the fishing was back on track. We decided to make this our first port of call and returned the next day....and enjoyed excellent fishing...which will be the subject of the next blog complete with photo's.

The last port of call was our own lake behind the house. So far we have caught a 3lb catfish, a small snakehead and some species that look like roach. The lake is badly silted up and, as ever, I am offering to have it all dredged at my own expense....but so far the land owners just look straight through me and ignore my polite offers.

Mark Butland at the house lake