Richard Spracklen on Chalong Fishing Park

Mervyn Bishop from Cheltenham with a mekong catfish

After returning from exotic fishing Thailand my time staying at Paul’s house had come to an end, I was off to stay at Jimmy’s light house in Chalong for my remaining two weeks.

In Chalong there is always something to do in the evening such as discussing the many different flora types and their preferred irrigation techniques  and of course the many methods of campanology (bell ringing!) which can be found.

But during the day I was at a bit of a loss as what to do as the plan of Paul and I going off diving looking for new dive locations came to a halt due to a persevering sickness bug which Paul contracted.

I decided one afternoon to go and find Jez’s Chalong Fishing Park which is located not to far from Chalong, after showing a local taxi man where to go (yes they are that useless. Thank God for Google maps) I arrived to find a small lake, bar and a very enthusiastic guide called Boy.

In Thailand I find it best to let the guides start things off like baiting the rods and doing the casting, which paid off as within seconds I was to my first Chao Praya catfish of around 25lb. The afternoon continued with another four fish gracing the bank including a 20lb Siamese carp and Mekong catfish to around 40lb. I had three other fish but I passed the rod over to a man and wife who were struggling to catch and this really lit boy’s face up as he wants all his customers to catch.

I returned again on the Sunday afternoon for another afternoon session with better results, instantly catching a Mekong catfish which was followed by 6 other fish including Siamese carp and a striped catfish  and again I passed the rod over 3 more times to some young Thai children, which had boy smiling even more than usual.  Like me he thinks its very important to get children hooked on fishing young and especially on returning fish as most Thai people like to keep everything they catch.

The third and fourth trips to Jez’s were much more quiet but between Clive Buller , Mervn Bishop and myself we still managed 7 fish including the rod bending mekongs, Siamese carp, Amazon redtails and some little pacu.

I certainly enjoyed my time at Chalong fishing park, spending my last session more talking to Jez and Boy than actually concentrating on the fishing. I am looking forward to see how the grounds change and how big the fish get when I return next year.

Richie Spracklen

Top guide, Boy, at Chalong Fishing Park

Richard Spraklen, Blog contributor, with a fine mekong catfish.

Another mekong for Richard from Wool, Dorset.

Clive Buler, Weymouth, with a redtail catfish.

Mervyn Bishop, Cheltenham, with a mekong catfish.